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problems when you try to cancel services

Sep 09, 2013 by Dell
Uptime Comments: Crap • 
Web Hosting Feature Comments: Dire • 
Value For Money Comments: They are only cheap so that they can get your card numbers • 
Hosting Support Comments: What support, all they want is your money • 
Control Panel Comments: Confusing • 
Speed Of Hosting Comments: Snail 

Customer service was absolutely terrible, after replying to their Emails that my services are up for renewal they never once replied back to me until it is now to late to close my services which was not even for me, stupidly I recommended them to my customer now I cannot get them off my back, who gave them permission to give me credit because I never asked for it nor do I want it

customer services told me that I need to cancel through the control panel, but they made it so confusing so I emailed them that I do not want to renew, now they still want me to pay for a service that my customer no longer wants using credit that I never asked for

There should be some way that I should be able to complain to trading standards unfortunately they don’t seem to cover companies, I will never be using this company again and I am going to post this complaint on as may websites as I can to warn other people, In fact I feel so pissed off by this company that I may even spend a few thousand pounds and take out a paid advert to warn others about this company

They are trying to extort money from me by giving me credit

deal with this company at your own peril


Jan 31, 2012 by Valerie Thornton

I have had such a terrible experience with Fasthosts - after SIX WHOLE MONTHS and many many attempts to get the problem sorted - I have now had to abandoned my whole website created with the appalingly bad Sitebuilder - Fasthosts get this from a third party - so no great support if anything major goes wrong with it. I have now waited so many months and the problem with my Sitebuilder built website was never resolved - I have now decided to rebuild my whole site from scratch and totally abandon the Fasthosts one... this has taken so long to do - but not as long as getting the problem sorted by Fasthosts - 1st approached them last August 2011 - it is now nearly Feburary 2012 - hold long do you have to wait for them to help you! Think about it - have now completed rebuilding my site with Serif Webpage - it was day and night - so glad that I have abandoned sitebuilder - now - just have to work out how to leave Fasthosts completely - I never want the misery of dealing with them again.

A summary would be never use them - had problem with them - now six months of waiting with no solution - is that good?

Express Review on

Jan 17, 2012 by Rob

My dissatisfaction is only exceeded by Fasthosts inability to provide a service efficiently. There support call-center operatives are poorly trained and ineffective in communication. I am astonished at their conceited attitude and lethargic approach, where do they get these morons from and who are the cretins leading there service...

Caveat Emptor

Jan 11, 2012 by Jamie McAvoy

Beware before they get your card details. You will be continuously charged for the most useless, unreliable service you would wish to avoid.

The shared servers have far too many sites hosted on them with little or no actual monitoring, so that any site on your shared server abusing their share (such as having customers coming to their site, how dare they?) will make other sites unavailable for considerable times.

But apparently that's acceptable to FastHosts. Is it to you? If not, steer well clear.

Rubbish problems with billing

Jan 09, 2012 by Eddie Vanderloot

Nightmare to speak to their billing team, very rude customer service

I have been with them for some time however it's always the case with support or billing to get rid of the customers, unhelpful

Waste of money

Fasthosts Support

Jan 08, 2012 by David McAllister

Have been using Fasthosts for hosting and email services for many years now. However, there have been major problems with sites and emails going offline, usually for a while. That's not normally a problem as most companies will sort this as quick as possible. Not Fasthosts. They don't respond to emails (try them if you don't believe me), their support team haven't got a clue about anything, they keep referring cases to 2nd line support who also don't have a clue. Not recommended.

What a bad hosting

Jan 07, 2012 by Jeremy Barton

I'll never use them again! such a bad company!

Beware Fasthosts

Jan 07, 2012 by Peter Crisp

Beware Fasthosts! It's difficult to cancel renewals with them and you have to search very deep on their support website to find out how to do this. I called their 24 Hour UK Support Number 08445 830777 and ended up talking - with some difficulty - to someone in the Philipines. Not exactly the UK! One month after cancelling the domain, they then took ?72 from my Debit Card for a Web Hosting Renewal for the domain I had cancelled. They told me it could not be refunded. Bandits! I'll be going to the Small Claims Court next.....

Fasthosts should be shut for business once and for all

Jan 03, 2012 by Jonathan

As a veteran CTO (Chief Technology Officer) based in the UK, I have come across hundreds of Companies and Enterpreneurs and they ALL had the same problems with fasthosts. New Money taken without their authorization at the end of the first "forced" year contract (Customer Service deliberately lies); insulting or absent customer service, very poor download speed, total lack of flexibility and options. Haven't met yet anyone that doesn't want them out of business.


Jan 03, 2012 by Luke F

I have never had such a bad experience with a hosting company like this before.

To cut a long story short, they are money grabbing theifs whose customer service doesn\'t even deserve a rating. they will not reason.

they auto renew packages without your concent and suck you into another 12 month contract.
(and the auto renew button is none existant unless you contact them EXACTLY when your contract ends for any hope to get out of the hell hole)

They lie and mislead service descriptions



google \"fasthosts hell\"

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