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GoDaddy is absolutely the worst

Jan 12, 2012 by Dina K

GoDaddy is absolutely the worst. They are unreliable and could care less about their customers. We've had issues for 6 weeks with our site not working on and off and its unacceptable. I hope to have all my company's websites moved off of Godaddy shorty.

Godaddy really is awful.

Jan 09, 2012 by Amber

Godaddy really is awful. I've used it for almost 2 years (not by choice). Emails disappear, don't come in, don't go out, email templates don't save. Trying to add an attachment to an email can take up to 10 minutes (for a regular 2 page pdf). If it were my company and I could change providers I would in a heartbeat. Calling I.T. is like talking with someone who grooms pets - they know nothing about the system. I fiddle around on computers on my own ignorance and know more than them. They only advise to use Foxfire instead of Internet Explorer. THEY ARE CHEAP FOR COST AND YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR!

I would say avoid Godaddy if at all possible

Jan 04, 2012 by Sheri

I've been hosting with Godaddy for several years. Each time we've had a problem ie web site crash, I've ended up upgrading to a more expensive option. When our site went down for over 24 hours, they had not answer except they are working on it. This is inexcusable for such a large corporation. I ended up upgrading again to a dedicated server and this still was slow! They have very friendly customer service reps but TERRIBLE technology, in my experience. I have spent hours with them on the phone and all because of problems they are subjected us to (including blacklisted sites on the same server which caused us issues). We still use Godaddy for our email server and that too has awful track record and we at times are not able to login to Webmail and there are traffic spikes which means that our emails are not delivered for hours. Such a disappointment overall, and I will be switching mail servers once we find something good. We are now with Catalyst2 for web hosting which has proved to be excellent. I would say avoid Godaddy if at all possible.


Dec 30, 2011 by Bellano

Their service is terrible. I constantly have problems with my sites going down.

People on the phone are rude morons.

I used to think Godaddy was pretty good

Dec 28, 2011 by General

I used to think Godaddy was pretty good, until I started having problems with their site analytics. I have called several times a week for the past month. Each time I spend over an hour on the phone and though the reps say there is something not working properly I have also been told that no one will elevate the problem to get it fixed--my site isn't important to them. First they told me that if I switched to \"real time\" it would solve everything--it didn't. The last call, the rep told me that I should come up with an app on MY computer to sort through the logs and report the data correctly---That is what I am paying to have their site analytics do!!!! Every conversation ends with them telling me that I need to rectify the problem by using the system differently than I have for the last three years, rather than them fixing it. And the really big kicker---I am involved in a lawsuit over the website. I told them that I need their system to work properly--at least to the degree it had prior--as I need to stand in front of a jury with the data from site analytics. This could cost me hundreds of thousands of dollars, but they refuse to fix the problem: visitors show in the logs but not in the visitor reports, keywords show in the reports but not in the logs, keywords show in the logs but not in the reports, visitors are in the logs for one day but in the reports for a different day. If anyone is trying to run or shape a business based on their site analytics, forget it--it is a waste of money and can prove dangerous to your business if you get sued. Godaddy does suck, but unfortunately, because I am in the middle of a lawsuit I can't even move my site to another server. My advice to everyone---unless you are just screwing around for fun with a website, go somewhere else where you can count on customer service and a product that performs.


Dec 22, 2011 by Dan

BOHOO!! no sense of urgency! the customer service stinks! Didn't even try to help me!!!! -- bohoo!! Oh I liked Circuit City,, nevermind they we're bankruped!! So dont be so arugant! one day you'll need us!! bohoo! i just signed-up somewhere else!


I would NOT use GoDaddy again

Dec 21, 2011 by JM

I would NOT use GoDaddy again! They are very quick to take your money, but have absolutely NO support! Their telephone people do not know their products, how to solve issues, give advice or find the right person to help. They are all commissioned and only care about your call if you are buying something from them. I spent WAY too much money with them and can't even get a simple question answered when I call. Furthermore, if you're Canadian...expect to be making a lot of lengthy, long distance calls. They don't even have a (800)# for us to call AND they will not call you back when you ask for help. Extremely disappointed!

Godaddy fail

Dec 13, 2011 by AW

#Godaddy fail - after being launched 5 days ago my website bit the dust because of Godaddy's server. No hope at all. They offered me extra days of service for the days that my website stopped working. WHAT!!??? Why would I want to stay with them??? Not to mention I HATE their tasteless ads.

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