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Peer 1 HostingSince 1999, Peer 1 Hosting has grown into one of the world’s leading hosting providers. Peer 1 Hosting have achieved this by delivering the kind of exceptional service that gets noticed, and a FastFiber Network™ that always delivers on our uptime promise.

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Beware of PEER1

Jan 13, 2012 by Dan

Beware of PEER1. We were a customer of theirs since 1999 when the dedicated hosting was branded as Interland. Over the last year or two, their service has gone downhill. The RAID controller on our dedicated server went out. They had stopped supporting the hardware on our server in the last year and never told us. Our only option was to migrate every website on our box to a new server. It took over a week, and they couldn't guarantee that they would stock replacement parts for our new server. They also have had major network network problems. When our external monitoring service notified us of a problem, we called the PEER1 NOC. It turned out that over half their data center was offline, and they didn't even know. It took them several hours to recover from the internal error. We have offer our customers much more reliable hosting, so we have moved to another host.

Our advice is to stay clear of Peer1

Nov 03, 2010 by Magento Site Owner

We hosted a Magento site and migrated Peer1 servers from Miami to Atlanta and Peer1 simply “forgot” an entire Cpu processor unit. I was the one who discovered this a full 4 weeks after they did the migration. It took me 2 days to get our Peer1 sales rep to even acknowledge the error, he couldn't or wouldn't login to our account to verify the error, I had to do it.

When Peer1 went to add the missing Cpu unit, we asked them to partition the Linux system but they left off 2 Required Php extensions rendering our Magento site totally non-functional. The extensions were "mycrypt" and "memcache". This took my developer (also a Magento partner) billable time to discover.

Delays caused by Peer1 postponed our launch, causing lost advertising dollars as well as requiring integration work again and it needed to be rechecked and re-tested once we moved to rack space.

Peer1 double billed us for the month of July. No explanations or apology.

We cancelled the Peer1 service for the above reasons in early August 2010. However, they are still chasing us for an outstanding invoice of $240 that was due on 9/30/2010 for 30 days of Ram on a server that they de-provisioned nearly 60 days before. The server no longer existed; yet somehow they billed us for additional Ram. Peer1 is now threatening to send our company (in our 31st year of business, highest Dunn & Bradstreet rating) to collections. We are now considering litigation to recover all of our wasted money, time and damages.

Our advice is to stay clear of Peer1.

The speed is perfect with 0 time down

Oct 22, 2010 by Gabriel Zeegers

We are hosting 15 servers with Peer1 Between Atlanta Data center & UK data center.

I must say peer 1 support team are the best!

A small example 2 weekends ago we got a Ddos attack our downtown was less then 30 minutes the support activated the shield and they were so helpful.

There DBA is absolutely great & helpful.

Thanks for there support (Bill, Mialy and all others)

The speed is perfect with 0 time down!

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